Michele grew up eating kugel at family gatherings and Thanksgiving dinners. Those rich and flavorful memories inspired her to share the classic dish with households across the country. Michele has over twenty years of sales, marketing and management experience behind her and is passionate about traveling the world to experience different cultures, the environment and animal rescue.


AUNT NONIEVanilla Cinnamon Maker

Vanilla_250_productpageIone Schatzman, aka “Nonie” is the one you call when you have a question about life, love or food! Her repertoire of noshes includes mandel bread, jellyroll, Adam’s chocolate chip pound cake, the best cheesecake you’ve ever eaten, and of course, latkes! At the end of each conversation you’ll hear...

“And above all, be happy!” –Ione Locker Schatzman



UNCLE IRVCaramelized Onion Eater

Onion_250_productpageIrving Locker is a World War II hero who served in the 116 AAA Gun Battalion, VII Corps, 1 Army during the Battle of the Bulge. For his service he was awarded the Knight of the French Legion of Honor. At only 5’6” he’s a great man with a huge heart! You gotta problem, you call Uncle Irv. You gotta joke, you call Uncle Irv. You want wanna learn to dance, you call Uncle Irv!

“Has anyone told you they loved you today?” –Irving Locker


AUNT DOTTYButtery Lemon Maker

LEMONCOCONUTDotty Locker was known all over northern New Jersey as, “Miss Dotty,” and the owner of the Dotty Locker School of Dance. Dotty's "family tree" of dance students numbers in the thousands. She started her career in vaudeville performing with Jimmy Durante, Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, The Andrews Sisters and the Guy Lombardo Orchestra.

“Keep dancing!” –Dotty Locker


UNCLE GEORGESweet Potato Eater

SweetPotatoUntil the age 99, the ladies at the Starlight Dance Center in Nutley, New Jersey, called to George, "Save me a waltz!" "Save me a cha-cha!" Uncle Georgie divided his time between ballroom dancing, golf, bowling, hanging out with the neighborhood kids, and telling jokes! Watch a tribute video

"You give love, you receive love. That's the whole secret. You smile, and you're happy, and everybody likes to be with people who are smiley and happy." –George Locker