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Hello and welcome to the first blog post from Locker Family Recipes. The company was created with love for delicious food that holds the tradition of family. Our Noodle Kugel is derived from the Locker family’s recipe. We make each kugel with the same love felt eating it around Aunt Nonie’s kitchen table. And the eating at Nonie’s did not end with kugel, us Lockers grew up enjoying… Mandel bread, jellyroll cake, Adam’s chocolate chip pound cake, cheesecake, and potato latkes… you could smell the latke frying oil all the way down the street!

We want to make you hungry…informed and invigorated after consuming our blog posts…Michele Locker, founder of Locker Family Recipes and lover of all things yummy holds a passion for cooking, creating, entrepreneurism and charity. As a reader of this blog, you shall come to expect highlights of other specialty food companies who embrace our same passion.

Additionally, we shall pen opinions on recent book reads, healthy recipes discovered at-home-remedies to try…Oh, and we mustn’t forget Michele’s #KugelCats! The Lockers were avid pet owners, mostly dogs. However, Evvie, Michele’s first Tabby and first experience caring for a sick cat, lit a flame inside her that resulted in a life’s work helping cats to find good homes.

We look forward to sharing our next post, inspiration for your Noodle, and even more yumminess with you…stay tuned!

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