Confessions of a First Time Fashion Blogger

I work with a social media team who handles digital promotions for Locker Family Recipes (LFR). Their services include creating yummy Kugel photos to post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They also shot and edited the audition video for Shark Tank landing LFR as a finalist! LFR’s Kugel gets loads of camera time; however during our last shoot my team suggested we turn the lens away from the noodles and onto …. me!

My first reaction to being in front of the camera was, “Sure, let me grab my apron!” I’m used to being photographed when preparing Kugel in the kitchen and at events, but when the photographer shook his head and said, “No, let’s get you out of the kitchen”, I questioned it. “I’m no fashion blogger,” I replied. But then I sighed, “Why not?” After all, in today’s fast-paced digital age with constantly changing imagery and a culture obsessed with the #selfie, why not embrace the technology and beautifully shot photos of yourself! I reluctantly signed up to be a fashion blogger for a day!

When this was presented to me I was cooking up samples. It was a hot summer day in LA and I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts….certainly not feeling very camera-ready! I was told to change into something representing me as the head of LFR. So, for my street style shoot, I chose Diane Von Furstenberg’s Morocco Sweater and Amelia Skirt and a great pair of wedges. I just bought the outfit during the July 4th holiday sale. It was on-sale plus 40% off, plus $50 off for my birthday. SCORE! How could I resist? Special shout out to Tiffany Ramos at DVF South Coast Plaza! (@DVFSouthCoast)

It was nice to get out of my usual-casual work wear and put on something pretty on a Tuesday. Standing on my sunny Brentwood street, all dressed up, I felt beautiful! Honestly, I can say that. For a woman like me with body image issues, these are difficult words to muster up, especially publically. The memories of being a chubby kid, being called names in school, feeling very uncomfortable in that dance recital costume… don’t easily disappear from your system just because decades later you’re exercising, eating healthy, and enjoying every moment of living! For gals like me, we have to be nudged  out of our comfort zone to realize our beauty. I still can’t believe my eyes when I look at that photo. Is that really me? In fact… it is!

I encourage all women (and men) to do a street style shoot in their favorite outfit. Even if you have your best friend snap the photo with your iPhone, I promise you will feel instantly more confident and sexy.

Let’s see how many dates the photo gets me!


Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

Michele Locker

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