The 8 Nights of Kugel

Sweet Potato photo dec 2014

Tis the season for lively dinners with friends and family and indulging in our favorite comfort foods…tis the season for Kugel! With Hanukkah upon us, please find 8 ways to serve our yummy kugel for the holiday and the whole holiday season!

  1. Pair Uncle Irv’s Caramelized Onion and Garlic Kugel as a side with brisket or your favorite holiday roast.
  2. Bring Aunt Nonie’s Vanilla-Cinnamon to the dessert table…delicious served with coffee and cocoa.
  3. Be the hit of the holiday party and bring Aunt Dotty’s Lemon Coconut Kugel to the dessert table as well…sweet, creamy and light, it’s the perfect ending to any meal.
  4. Uncle George’s Sweet Potato Kugel is a hearty option for your Gluten-Free and vegetarian guests.
  5. Crisp in the oven and cut Uncle Irv’s Caramelized Onion and Garlic Kugel into squares to serve with toothpicks for a yummy appetizer…ideal with red wine.
  6. Greet your overnight guests with the smell of Aunt Nonie’s Vanilla-Cinnamon Kugel in the morning…a tasty alternative to french toast.
  7. Replace your traditional sweet potato recipe with Uncle George’s Sweet Potato with a crunchy walnut topping.
  8. Any flavor kugel makes a wonderful host or holiday gift!

Michele Locker

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